Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Olive Juice

When someone tells you that you have to check out an olive mill in the middle of the desert because it is unbelievable, you go and check it out.  It’s worth it for no other reason than to see an olive grove in the middle of the desert. That’s an interesting site for sure. So the grandparents and I headed out to the Queen Creek Olive Mill this past Saturday for a tour, tasting and maybe some lunch. The mill is located about 20 minutes from us and we were there on a perfect day (mid 70’s and no clouds) for checking out new things.  Upon arrival there were tastings and a band in the grove not to mention that the restaurant was crazy busy. I was really thinking about eating lunch there (check out the menu here), but was over ruled since grandma and grandpa wanted to take me to the San Tan flats for a burger. So while I can’t say from experience that the food is good it does look pretty awesome. We did end up taking the tour and it was interesting. I learned a few things for sure, but don’t know if I would recommend it for everyone. I do however highly recommend tasting the olives, olive oil and balsamic. They are really good, reasonably priced and it’s just fun that it came from the desert. I purchased probably more than I should have, but I was buying them for gifts. I swear it.

The olive grove with tables under the trees!

The band playing under the trees.

The store with full shelves, but not for long!

My grandpa and me before we had the great big burger!

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