Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, Same Me

Happy New Year to you!

So far this year is pretty fantastic. We had a lovely new years eve with friends, champagne, great food (not to mention the yummy oliebollen) and made sure to include fireworks and sparklers at midnight. Tomorrow the BF and I head out to Seattle for a few days and then onward to Southern California for the next few months. Should be a fun adventure of connecting with friends and getting out of the cold (looks like it will be in the 70's and 80's in California. Yay!).

To wrap up 2011 I decided to actually come up with resolutions that I really wanted to make happen this year. Even though losing 10lbs would be awesome I wanted to focus more on my inner workings, my outlook and where I wanted my life to head in 2012. Here they are (taken directly from twitter, since I let the world know via twitter on the 31st):

Resolution #1: tolerance and understanding should be in my life everyday. Let's see how this goes.
Resolution #2: it may be cheesetastic, but 'live everyday fearlessly'. Might make an interesting year.
Resolution #3 (and final): Take photos, but remember to enjoy the moment in the present too!

Any interesting resolutions you want to share or do you even bother?


Sparkly drink (Champagne of course)

Oliebollen! Recipe found here (although there are so many to choose from.
Maybe next year we can get the Dutch family secret one!)

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