Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Me and JoJo

The rules are simple:

We may not talk to each other everyday any more, but get us in a room together and you won't get us to shut up.

I will tell you that those shoes you picked are ugly and when you chose to buy and wear them, you do so with the understanding I will mock you each and every time. You also will submit to said mocking.

We all have made stupid decisions over the years, but it's nothing that a cosmo or martini can't fix.

On that note there doesn't need to be a problem for a martini, cosmo or wine to be present.

No matter how long it has been since we talked or seen each other we will always be there when we need each other.

I can tell you things that no one else will ever know and you do the same.

Your secrets are always safe.

We don't pick our families, but we do get to pick our friends, who are another type of family, and there is no way that I would be the person I am today without them.

I think about each and everyone of you everyday.

I miss you terribly.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Get your printable of this at Club Narwhal

Another flight, another day lost on a plane. It seems that I spend so much time on these suckers that I might as well get my own private seat. Well it's a nice thought at least.

While I was thinking about complaining about this, I did a wee bit of a introspect first and looked from the other side. I GET to fly across the ocean on a regular basis and see more then just the inside of hotel. I travel and get to see places all over the world, for work & pleasure. That's not the average person's life and for a good reason. This isn't easy. 

I am never home for more than a few weeks at a time and I don't always know where I will be next week. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but as with everything there is always a price to pay. I am so lucky that I have both friends and family that are able to go with the flow, but it's a bit of a roller coaster ride for them as well. You think that you are going to be home for someone's birthday, but your notorious last minute client has an event that popped up that you now need to be there for. Granted you get to fly to insert city/country here, but you are missing out on something that you really wanted to be a part of. It's a give and take.

So for now I am going to put on my lipgloss and pretend to be psyched that I am getting in a tube that will hurtle me through the sky at 30,000 feet. At least I will get to sleep in my bed tonight.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Must - Paris in under 48 Hours

I had some technical issues with my site last week and combined with working on a French internet connection, that runs on grape vines and goat cheese, things couldn't get worked out in time to post on Friday. So here is what you missed.

This week we had an event in Paris and currently being in the Netherlands this was just a 4 hour drive so our trip was short and to the point, but believe me I filled it with the essentials. I have been to Paris before and have seen a vast majority of the sites and this trip was definitely more work centric, but I always find time for a side trip here and there. Plus I got to ride on the back of a security guys scooter and lived to tell about. Only in Paris!

Here are five things that you should do in Paris, if given the opportunity and only a few hours to spare.

#1 - Eat French Onion Soup. If you don't like it, you are dumb. It is delicious and pretty much just cheese, bread and broth so get over it and try it. Unless you are allergic then in that case you may not be dumb, but your allergies are.

#2 - Eat macarons. OK I know so far this sounds like all you should do is eat, but these are worth every. single. calorie. #truth

#3 - Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle. It really is beautiful in person. Every time I see it I have to stop what I am doing and watch.

Technically boots is not a French product (UK), but I can't
get this version at Target, snarky.

#4 - Hit the French pharmacies and stock up on products you have never heard of or use the Goop guide. OR even better yet, talk with the lady behind the counter. A few euros lighter you will have a slew of products to try! BTW - the Amilab lip balm smells amazing.

#5 - Take the Metro. There is no easier way to get around Paris then the public transportation system. It is quick, easy to use and costs a fraction of the cost of a taxi. You can buy a 1-5 day pass here. Save your money for rosé and champagne!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Everyone has their own point of view about what everyone else does and so much of it is based on superficial crap. It can be something as simple as the girl with the designer it bag. Oh she must have money, you think, or what a snob, poser, have to have IT girl. What you don't know is she saved and saved and sold her favorite shoes to buy it, because that is what she really wanted. 

Perhaps you choose to spend your money on cars. I may think that is so not worth it, but then again it's not my money so why should that even be a factor into my view of you?

While none of the above is about me (truly), I have been thinking about how we view people based on one or two things about them. I am really trying to change my quick judgements based on material, surface items. I don't want people to judge me based on that so it's time to change my point of view too. The whole point is to expand my world not remain in a bubble of what I prefer. It's hard to do and in our society we are so quick to label people that we forget that people have many layers. Of course if I get through those layers and it's still pretty shallow...well I will try to behave.

Who knows I might even meet some super cool people along the way.

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