Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Everyone has their own point of view about what everyone else does and so much of it is based on superficial crap. It can be something as simple as the girl with the designer it bag. Oh she must have money, you think, or what a snob, poser, have to have IT girl. What you don't know is she saved and saved and sold her favorite shoes to buy it, because that is what she really wanted. 

Perhaps you choose to spend your money on cars. I may think that is so not worth it, but then again it's not my money so why should that even be a factor into my view of you?

While none of the above is about me (truly), I have been thinking about how we view people based on one or two things about them. I am really trying to change my quick judgements based on material, surface items. I don't want people to judge me based on that so it's time to change my point of view too. The whole point is to expand my world not remain in a bubble of what I prefer. It's hard to do and in our society we are so quick to label people that we forget that people have many layers. Of course if I get through those layers and it's still pretty shallow...well I will try to behave.

Who knows I might even meet some super cool people along the way.

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