Monday, September 30, 2013

Old, Gently Used & Awesome

I am a huge fan of well designed, vintage and modern home decor and when I am lucky I come across great items at flea/antique markets (or snuffel markt as it is called here in the Netherlands) or consignment shops. My typical luck usually runs the route of the the good pieces are picked up well before I arrive or alternatively I decide it's more then I want to spend and then keep thinking about the item that got away for years and saying why I just didn't fork over the money then, because of course now it's sold. Well now I can take my quest for the perfect unique item for the home on the internet at Chairish.

I randomly came across Chairish when I was searching for a pair of antique Hollywood Regency Pineapple lamps and while I didn't end up picking those up at Chairish, I did spend the next few hours on the site looking at stuff I didn't even know I needed wanted. Simply put, Chairish, is an online consignment company that allows people who have great furniture (either like new or "great bones") to reach a larger audience and it allows the buyer a treasure trove of items. The prices are reasonable for the quality and product AND they even have a 48 hour return policy if it's not exactly what you want. The biggest downside would be the shipping, but if it's an item that you have been searching for forever, it's completely worth the cost. It's totally worth a look or two if you are in the market for unique, interesting and fun.

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