Monday, September 9, 2013


Cozy chair in the bedroom that will be replaced with an even cozier
chair that I am waiting to be delivered! The pillow stays, obviously.

Slaapkamer - Dutch
slaapkamer f (plural slaapkamersdiminutive slaapkamertje)
Translation: bedroom

I have mentioned before that I love my bed. It has been one of the best purchases we made when we moved to SoCal. When we purchased the bed last year I knew how I wanted the bedroom to look, but it took forever for me to find all of the vintage frames, pillows and headboard. In fact the headboard was the piece that I had the hardest time with. I knew what I wanted and had seen it at West Elm, but they had discontinued that particular headboard right when I was ready to order (for real). So I searched high and low for the perfect piece, but couldn't find anything close. Yellow is a hard enough color to find in a headboard, but coupled with the height I was looking for and the lack of decoration it was an uphill battle.

That is until I came across a tumblr site called Love Shack Designs that custom makes headboards of all shapes and sizes. All it took was one email with a description and a picture of what I was looking for and not only were they able to do it, but it was easily a couple hundred dollars cheaper (including shipping) then my original choice. So I took the money I saved from the headboard and got a new chair (similar style here) to complete the room. Just waiting for it to be delivered.

The Best Bed Ever now completed with a kick ass headboard.

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