Friday, September 6, 2013


I love short work weeks. Even though I don't have to go into an office I still love the feeling of a three day weekend. It's a special treat that we all should have a little bit more often.

My week has been filled with working, cleaning, reorganizing and getting in the mind set for fall, which with the heat wave we have been having here in SoCal is really hard to do. All the cleaning was a result of our new couch being way larger then our current one and things just have to go to make space. I have been coming up with ways to consolidate things and I think when everything is complete it will be so nice, but it is just taking patience, of which I have only a little. On the upside of things, the proceeds of all furniture sold will go towards a new sideboard/wine cabinet of which I will quickly fill to the brim with delicious wine. So cheers to a fabulous weekend!

Image via Tradesy

Closet Cleaning - Speaking of cleaning, check out Mashables 6 sites for selling clothes that you no longer wear. I have tried a few of these with some of my higher end items (I usually donate a vast majority of my stuff, but some things I need to get a few more dollars out of!) and haven't had a bad experience with any of them. If you have the items and eBay is just not your style, check out these options.

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Couch Potato - I can't help it, I love dishy, soapy, trashy time period shows and The White Queen is no exception. Cheesey, historically iffy and most times totally inaccurate, I still love the drama, intrigue and the fact that it is based (if somewhat loosely) on something that actually happened. This is prior to the Tudor rule and set during the the war of the roses. Give it a watch. It's good fun. Are you York or Lancaster?

Image via Instructables

Fruit Fly Fix - It is that time of year where the fruit flies are everywhere. Check out this Instructables on how to get rid of these pesky buggers. My tried and true method is a shot glass with red wine vinegar and a dash of dish soap. Works every single time and I don't even bother with the plastic on top that some people use. They usually dive right in to it as is.

Image via Tracy Anderson Method
Workout Inspiration - This is a great little article that can give you a few little tricks on how to make sure you are doing and making the best out of your workout. Some days it is really hard to find the motivation and I can see using one or two of these to make sure I am getting it done. Even when I would rather be sleeping in.

Image via Purewow

Tasty Stuff - As part of my food exploration this year, I am really cutting back the sugar, potatoes, breads, meats and processed foods in my house. It's been a slow go (BF is Dutch and they eat lots of potatoes, meat and bread), but we are getting there. While I don't make cookies often, these Banana Bread and Almond Butter Cocoa Sandwich cookies sound so delicious, I think we may just have to give these a try and soon.

Have a great weekend!

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