Friday, September 28, 2012

Love Lines

Ever have a friend call you up and ask if you can call the Vivid telephone number that she gives you to cancel the membership that her son decided to sign up for with her credit card number? No? Well apparently I am that friend you can call that will call to take care of that kind of business. If you have no idea what I am talking about, enjoy that corner of the world you live in. Me apparently I have no shame about porn stars and such and had a very good laugh with the lady on the phone about the situation. Given her reaction I am thinking that this kind of call happens a lot. Boys and porn seem to go hand in hand.

Beyond porn the other highlight of my week was finding one of my new favorite shopping sites Terrain. It has so much stuff that I want that I don't even know where to start. How about the things I didn't even know I needed until I went to that site? I think that is a very good place to start.

Fresh Pumpkin Crate
Like you don't want this. Please. It's fabulous.

Verdant Terrarium
Maybe it's my thing with jars, but if I was going to have a terrarium this
would be what I would want it in.

St. Helena Martini Olive Juice
My friend J and I will need to be checking this out when she rolls
into town. Dirty Martini's here we come!

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Set
I would use the crap out of these.

ElderFlower Presse
I don't event know if I like this, but the bottle
is adorable and you can add it to vodka.
Always worth a try.

I should actually just cut and paste the entire site on here to make it easier, because I could go on and on. Check it out and let me know your favorite pieces! I would love to hear what you think.

Have a great weekend and if you can, avoid carmageddon II. I hear it's going to be a bit nuts.

All images via Terrain

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taken to the Cleaners

As of late I have been going out a lot, meeting people for fun, work and pretty much using all the nice dry clean only clothes in my closet in the process. While I love wearing them, I hate having to go to the cleaners. Not only is outrageously expensive, but who knows what they are using to "clean" your clothes. Before you say it, yes I know there are green dry cleaners and I have used them in the past, but go to the first part of the last sentence.

To try and keep my wallet in check I have taken to the Internet to find safe, at home alternatives to the dry cleaners. There are a lot of sites out there offering information on how to do this all of them varying slightly from one to the next, but nothing really detailed enough for me to feel comfortable putting my precious pieces to water, until I found this site. Hand washing 101 comes complete with suggested proper tools, individual steps and best of all instructions for each type of fabric. For beginners or those of us that love our clothes so much that the thought of ruining makes them slightly ill, the more information the better.  Plus the fact that this site has different directions for each fabric, which makes complete sense when you think about it, makes it stand out from the rest since most other sites have an overview they suggest using for all fabrics. Plus I like her disclaimer and tool kit suggestions.

To be on the safe side I started with two items that I like, but wouldn't be completely crushed if they were ruined. I used a silk blouse and wool cardigan and followed the directions exactly. I must say that it really did not take that long to do and it was so easy. Between the cost savings and the fact that the clothes smell way better than they do after being at the dry cleaners I will be doing this from now on. Except for suits, I will follow the sites advice and let the cleaners take care of those.

I used ivory soap that I grated and placed into a jar for future use.
I suggest buying vinegar by the gallon. Vinegar has a gazillion uses.
for around the house. Really it does. Look it up.

First goes the silk!

Then you roll it up.

Next up wool, while the silk is chilling out.

I ended up going through three towels on the wool
before it was dry enough to iron.

I skipped documenting the ironing part because it so boring, but as you can see
they turned out fantastic. You would never know they were done at home, well
except they smell 10 times better than the dry cleaners.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sales of the yard and garage type

Oh yes I do. It's been years since I happened upon a garage sale of the interesting kind, but recently I had a friend convince me that I have just been to the lame ones. And yes, my mind has been changed. Between the never been used trampoline and the brand new still in the box, never have been opened, dehydrator (for $3. Yes really.) I am a convert. Either the ones I have been to before really sucked or in southern California truly has the best garage sales ever. Of course there were a few that I didn't find anything, but at those my friend found brand new wood block for her kid ($2) and super pricey lamps at only $10 a piece with the shades.

Then there was the garage sale that we both picked up a few items for free. I walked away with a perfect LL Bean beach bag and two large awesome jars for $0. Apparently he just didn't want to drag it back in. I have my theories why he was not wanting to drag them in. The jars smelled a bit like a substance that could be used for recreation or medicinal usage that I have heard can make you a little carefree and he was happen to have me cart them off for a smile. I don't judge. They were free and super cute, however my kitchen smelled a bit like Jamaica for an hour or so.

I also scored yards of super cute ribbon for $2 (perfect for Christmas presents), but these are my favorites picks of the day!

I can't wait for next weekend. Woo hoo.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A letter to the people next door to me with the baby

I understand that you have a child, congratulations. It's hot out. Your kid has lungs and it is now a problem. Here are my suggestions on making me not go insane and want to have a rave party 24/7 to annoy the crap out of you.

1) I know that you have air conditioning. Use it.
2) You in insist on having your windows open. Why? I hear your baby all day and all night. See number one. It involves closing your windows.
3) I don't hate babies, but I am beginning to hate yours. Don't make me hate your baby.
4) It's not that I think I am better than you, because I do have people over and we make noise, but we don't cry that loud (or even make noise that loud) and it's not all day and night. See number one.
5) Perhaps your child has issues. Look into a vacuum. I read a lot of mommy blogs that suggest this and since I can't drink the proper amount of alcohol to drown him out, throw me a bone.
6) For the love of puppies, he is an unhappy camper and I am sure it sucks for you too. So I left you a bottle of vodka on the doorstep, use it. Yup that was from me*

*For real. Maybe I should have left you my website address so you could read this.

Thank you,
Shannon (your trying not to be your drunk neighbor) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All Hours of the Night

It's about 3:00 am and I am sitting in bed trying to force myself to get to sleep (I might be a wee bit jet lagged), which is obviously not happening so I grab my laptop. If your up you might as well be productive right?

One of the things I do when jet lagged is discover new online shops. This doesn't mean I am buying, mostly window shopping actually, but I like having new options to find new and interesting pieces at. It's also a plus that a few of these shops offer unique items, because who really wants to have exactly what everyone else has?

This shop is entirely made up of vintage and repurposed "interior accents". I could spend hours on this site looking at all of the cool and interesting items. If you want something unique and definitely not something everyone has, this is your shop.

Wanted item:

Set of 5 Vintage Monjonnier Milk Test Bottles
Image via Relique

The Impeccable Pig
I found this through the Penny Pincher Fashion blog and I was hooked immediately. They offer fun prints, easy styles and good pricing. I can't wait to order and check out the quality.

Wanted item:

Black and Cream Dress
Image via the Impeccable Pig

This is just fun stuff. Uncovet is a design centric shop that offers one of a kind products at discounted prices for it's members. Don't worry, membership is free and easy to get. The prices are completely reasonable and the items range from jewelry to art. Gotta love a little bit of this and that.

Wanted item:

Arrow Bracelet
Image via Uncovet

Questhaven Fashions
Need a little pick me up without spending a ton of money? Questhaven may have just what you need. Investment pieces definitely not, but a splash of trend to make your outfit pop absolutely. These kind of sites I tend to stick with accessories or the vintage items, but there are some cute tops that I am tempted to try.

Wanted item:
Brisbane Satchel
Questhaven Fashions

Well I am going to give sleeping another try. Happy Shopping!

Monday, September 10, 2012

School Ties

Social media has made the world smaller and infinitely more mundane or interesting, depending on how you look at it. I have made friends through social media, found out more about IRL friends than I have ever wanted to know and have reconnected with old school mates that I otherwise would have maybe only seen at a high school reunion. They all have their good and bad involved, but the last one has been the most surprising in it's outcome.

In high schools the friends you have seem like the only friends you will ever have at the time. You share all the secrets through some of the most awkward and stupid times of your life (not counting when you can legally drink, those friends know better than to share those pictures). You spend nights during sleep overs imagining who you will marry, what your career will pursue and definitely what you think your life will be like when you are old (like really old, you know like 30). Well I have passed 30 and still keep in touch with some of my friends from high school, but what surprises me most is how people change. I mean sure we all change and let's be honest I have no desire to be my 16 year old self as a 35 year old woman, I am way over Morrissey by now anyway. I mean more on the if I didn't know this person as a kid I would never be friends with them because we have nothing in common outside of ridiculous run on sentences, kind of way. It's not a bad thing, but I wonder what happened to the person I knew and who felt passionately about the big issues of the early 90's that bonded us together so tightly, to go so totally in the opposite direction? This is not about you, because if you are reading this than I am pretty sure that you are not the ones of whom I type about, but I still wonder. We are now closer to 20 years away than I care to accept (because of course I am still 27 in my head), yet I feel as if we are worlds apart in many ways. Yet the school ties still bind. You are still my friend. We took an oath and I do take that seriously 20 years and counting even if we are worlds, states, and thoughts apart.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

At Night

We spent the day in the sand dunes and decided to reward ourselves with these!

Friday, September 7, 2012


For years I worked a corporate suite at the US Open Tennis event during the semi-finals and finals week in NYC, which if you are not aware is immediately followed by Fashion Week NY. While I never was able to sit front row next to A-Dubs aka Anna Wintour I at least got to explore New York during Fashion's Night Out. For me FNO is basically a free pass to spend a stupid amount of money on things that I am convinced I need because I have consumed a few cocktails. The next morning I usually feel a little guilty, but then purge my closet of a few items that I donate to a good charity and then all is right in the world again. At least that's what I tell myself.

It all started four years ago when V (my FNO partner in crime) and I were walking down 5th avenue and checking out the shops. We knew FNO existed but it was the first year out so we had no idea what to expect. Then there it was, a curious smell of cheap boy toy cologne half a block away, followed by ear splitting music and then finally the half naked Abercrombie & what's it boys in the flesh. This is when we knew that this was more than just a get out and shop event, this was marketing genius. The boys were posing near the front entrance of the door and those who dared to enter could have their photo taken with them. As tempted as I was to have this happen, V convinced me that I couldn't have my first FNO experience be a place that only has clothing sizes for midgets and tweens. So with a wave and a giggle to the boys we continued on down the street ending up at Prada, which in our estimation would be quintessential FNO party. Boy were we wrong. We ended up standing around with a whole bunch of people exactly like us, sipping drinks and pretending that we can afford to even shop there (no amount of alcohol will convince me that the Prada 2009 is worth that amount of money). After we finished our drink it was decided that the best parties would most likely be downtown, as opposed to midtown, but that was going to take too much work (you know, getting a cab and then deciding where to have it take us) so we decided to duck into our favorite restaurant and have some fantastic wine and tapas. Much better than having to pretend to like some ugly shoes just for some free champagne.

The next year we perfected it and so did a lot of the retailers. It was loads more fun and there were way more celeb and celeb wanna be's out and about to keep us entertained. Then the following year my corporate event didn't need us anymore onsite. So last year was my first year not in NYC for FNO. Of course I kicked it up at a party near me in Seattle, because I do still enjoy champagne and a good evening of retail therapy, but it was just not the same.

This year I was a little sad that I wasn't in the US for FNO. I had thought about heading up to LA for a few parties I was invited to, but being in the Netherlands makes the trip to LA a little hard. Then I started noticing online that the FNO has spread to other cities and countries, including Amsterdam (September 13). While it's not quite the same star studded level that NYC & LA seem to put on, it is still quite impressive with fashion shows and sales galore. Which if you think about it is all that matters, unless of course you are into sipping champagne at every store and gawking at Kimye, which is actually what V and I would have been doing if we were in NYC this year.

Last night was FNO NYC and instead of spending it at the local shops I ended up polishing off a bottle of champagne with the BF and the BF's mother while shopping FNI, Fashion's Night In. Which is basically just shopping online, but the perk is that I find it way easier to say no to items online than in person so I had no guilt this morning. Next year who knows where I be. I officially have a year to plan and save.

So did you do anything FNO related or did you stay in and watch the DNC or VMA's?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Doctor Shannon

I love my new doctor. Like really, really love.

It all started with my arm. A few weeks ago I discovered a little bump that slowly became a larger bump on my upper right arm. I had just made the big girl purchase of real insurance in California (as opposed to the catastrophic insurance I had previously) so I needed to begin the search for a doctor. As someone who tries pretty hard to not go to the doctor I had no idea where to start looking other than the internet. Luckily I found a lovely little family practice not too far from me that had a bunch of great reviews (which BTW I should totally start a site about doctors and how to find one. You heard it here first.). After reviewing all of the doctors at the practice I decided on a younger (under 40) physician that seemed super nice from her bio and called the office to set an appointment. The front desk was so nice and helpful that immediately I knew I found the right place.  The only thing was that in order to get in as soon as possible I would need to see the LPN rather than the doctor, which is totally fine by me. The LPN was wonderful and decided to go with an easy round of antibiotics that can sometimes solve the issue I had super quick like (in case you are wondering it is just an abscess, which I am not linking to. Gross.).

After a week of trying the least invasive treatment and not having it work, I had to return to the office and this time I was going to see the doctor herself. Immediately upon arrival in the room she started chatting with me, because we of course had not met before and she wanted to make proper introductions. I was just super happy she even knew that I was a new patient.

After our intro's we went right into my stupid bump and she explained she was indecisive about changing anti-biotic types and that she was going to cut me open. She actually said it like that, "cut me open". Then told me it sounded much worse than it actually was going to be and not to worry. OK, cool. She proceeded started looking for the items needed to 'cut me open' and had some troubles trying locating them so she enlisted a nurse that was walking by to help. At this point in the story my friend said that most people would be concerned, but I lose my cell phone at least 5 times a day so not finding a scalpel is not big deal to me.

Scalpel now located, she pulls out the freezy stuff that numbs you up before they make the incision. She did inform me that there is a more technical term for the freezy stuff if I wanted to know it, but in between giggles I said I preferred the term freezy stuff. The rest of the visit went pretty much the same way with more nicknames for things and discussing the fact that I took it upon myself to expand on the alcohol consumption question* when I filled out the patient forms on my initial visit. We wrapped it up by finally deciding what antibiotic to put me on and a quick recap of our favorite actor. That's when I realized she is me, but super doctor smart me. At least I imagine that is exactly how I would be if I was a doctor and could stand dealing with things like abscess' (which considering I won't even link to it, I don't think I would ever have a career medicine). Dude it's fate that I found her.

Now I need to find a dentist. Any good recommendations on how to start that search??

*I felt it was important to state that I normally consume very little in the alcohol department unless I am around my girlfriends or have an incredible bottle of wine, then all bets are off. Apparently no one else gives this type of information and they thought it was somewhere between helpful and funny. Which was kind of the point. Those forms are so boring to fill out (and I assume read) so I try and make it fun while keeping to the facts. You should see what I wrote about asthma...kidding...kinda.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She's Crafty...or not

As much fun as I have on Pinterest, I had to take a break. Not only was it a time suck* of epic proportions, but I started feeling bad about how lame I am in the craft department. I used to be a social event planner (re: wedding-ish planner, I did a ton of weddings in my day) and thought I had some creative ideas up my sleeve for all occasions. Apparently everyone else has taken those ideas and added a crap ton of glitter and twine to it to make it rustic chic or the like. Does anybody work anymore or are we all on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook trying to out do one another?

Either way I have decided to up my crafty factor, and if not come up with my own crafts, at least attempt to do a few of the more interesting projects that have been sitting in my Pinterest craft board. The goal is one a week and some may be a food driven craft, but either way I am going to make it happen. Here are just a few of the items I am thinking about tackling.

These are totally easy and fun necklaces to make. Plus
I love a good upcycle project.
via R29 and Grace Atwood of Stripes and Sequins
The doily bowl. It's so easy and so cute!
via The Thrillz of Hillz
This is not a tutorial, but I am thinking I could
do this using some canvas and painted letters. I would
change the wording though. To cheese for me.
via Not on the High Street

I have been wanting a good way to do this (and not poke an eye out)
for awhile. Not just for a vase, but for other things as well.
via Picklee
I could go on and on, but these are the top contenders. So tell me what Pinterest crafts have you pinned and have actually wanted to do and not just think about doing?

*As a side note to further prove my time suck statement, during the writing of this post I got distracted by Pinterest for an hour looking at new crafts to do and ended it with pinning dresses for a formal occasion that I most likely will never attend. No lie.**
**This has now turned into two hours, because I closed the post to finish later after the first Pinterest detour and then opened it up an hour ago to finish and got re-sucked into Pinterest. This is why I am not running the world.

Check out this to see how bright I can get.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


August is officially over and the first breath of fall starts breathing down our necks. It was fun while it lasted, but I guess it's time to get out of the pool and back to work. Crap.

While it's still pretty warm in California, here in the Netherlands (if you have been following along on my photo journey I just arrived in the Netherlands for a few days) you can start to feel the change in the air. I am a sucker for fall and love starting to cover back up a bit after the sundresses and sandals of summer. It's been close to 15 years since I have been in southern California for a fall/winter and I am looking forward to the extra, but not super extra, layers I will get to wear there. Meanwhile I will have the advantage of being able to wear my favorite wool coats whenever I visit the Netherlands. Best of both worlds for sure.

To start my first day back to more than just a photo post I thought I would share what I have been contemplating, purchasing or contemplating about purchasing for fall. Hopefully you may even find an item you need to add as well.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend, now get back to work!

And just for fun don't forget to check out the latest in my photo a day challenge by clicking here.

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