Thursday, September 6, 2012

Doctor Shannon

I love my new doctor. Like really, really love.

It all started with my arm. A few weeks ago I discovered a little bump that slowly became a larger bump on my upper right arm. I had just made the big girl purchase of real insurance in California (as opposed to the catastrophic insurance I had previously) so I needed to begin the search for a doctor. As someone who tries pretty hard to not go to the doctor I had no idea where to start looking other than the internet. Luckily I found a lovely little family practice not too far from me that had a bunch of great reviews (which BTW I should totally start a site about doctors and how to find one. You heard it here first.). After reviewing all of the doctors at the practice I decided on a younger (under 40) physician that seemed super nice from her bio and called the office to set an appointment. The front desk was so nice and helpful that immediately I knew I found the right place.  The only thing was that in order to get in as soon as possible I would need to see the LPN rather than the doctor, which is totally fine by me. The LPN was wonderful and decided to go with an easy round of antibiotics that can sometimes solve the issue I had super quick like (in case you are wondering it is just an abscess, which I am not linking to. Gross.).

After a week of trying the least invasive treatment and not having it work, I had to return to the office and this time I was going to see the doctor herself. Immediately upon arrival in the room she started chatting with me, because we of course had not met before and she wanted to make proper introductions. I was just super happy she even knew that I was a new patient.

After our intro's we went right into my stupid bump and she explained she was indecisive about changing anti-biotic types and that she was going to cut me open. She actually said it like that, "cut me open". Then told me it sounded much worse than it actually was going to be and not to worry. OK, cool. She proceeded started looking for the items needed to 'cut me open' and had some troubles trying locating them so she enlisted a nurse that was walking by to help. At this point in the story my friend said that most people would be concerned, but I lose my cell phone at least 5 times a day so not finding a scalpel is not big deal to me.

Scalpel now located, she pulls out the freezy stuff that numbs you up before they make the incision. She did inform me that there is a more technical term for the freezy stuff if I wanted to know it, but in between giggles I said I preferred the term freezy stuff. The rest of the visit went pretty much the same way with more nicknames for things and discussing the fact that I took it upon myself to expand on the alcohol consumption question* when I filled out the patient forms on my initial visit. We wrapped it up by finally deciding what antibiotic to put me on and a quick recap of our favorite actor. That's when I realized she is me, but super doctor smart me. At least I imagine that is exactly how I would be if I was a doctor and could stand dealing with things like abscess' (which considering I won't even link to it, I don't think I would ever have a career medicine). Dude it's fate that I found her.

Now I need to find a dentist. Any good recommendations on how to start that search??

*I felt it was important to state that I normally consume very little in the alcohol department unless I am around my girlfriends or have an incredible bottle of wine, then all bets are off. Apparently no one else gives this type of information and they thought it was somewhere between helpful and funny. Which was kind of the point. Those forms are so boring to fill out (and I assume read) so I try and make it fun while keeping to the facts. You should see what I wrote about asthma...kidding...kinda.

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