Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She's Crafty...or not

As much fun as I have on Pinterest, I had to take a break. Not only was it a time suck* of epic proportions, but I started feeling bad about how lame I am in the craft department. I used to be a social event planner (re: wedding-ish planner, I did a ton of weddings in my day) and thought I had some creative ideas up my sleeve for all occasions. Apparently everyone else has taken those ideas and added a crap ton of glitter and twine to it to make it rustic chic or the like. Does anybody work anymore or are we all on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook trying to out do one another?

Either way I have decided to up my crafty factor, and if not come up with my own crafts, at least attempt to do a few of the more interesting projects that have been sitting in my Pinterest craft board. The goal is one a week and some may be a food driven craft, but either way I am going to make it happen. Here are just a few of the items I am thinking about tackling.

These are totally easy and fun necklaces to make. Plus
I love a good upcycle project.
via R29 and Grace Atwood of Stripes and Sequins
The doily bowl. It's so easy and so cute!
via The Thrillz of Hillz
This is not a tutorial, but I am thinking I could
do this using some canvas and painted letters. I would
change the wording though. To cheese for me.
via Not on the High Street

I have been wanting a good way to do this (and not poke an eye out)
for awhile. Not just for a vase, but for other things as well.
via Picklee
I could go on and on, but these are the top contenders. So tell me what Pinterest crafts have you pinned and have actually wanted to do and not just think about doing?

*As a side note to further prove my time suck statement, during the writing of this post I got distracted by Pinterest for an hour looking at new crafts to do and ended it with pinning dresses for a formal occasion that I most likely will never attend. No lie.**
**This has now turned into two hours, because I closed the post to finish later after the first Pinterest detour and then opened it up an hour ago to finish and got re-sucked into Pinterest. This is why I am not running the world.

Check out this to see how bright I can get.

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