Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All Hours of the Night

It's about 3:00 am and I am sitting in bed trying to force myself to get to sleep (I might be a wee bit jet lagged), which is obviously not happening so I grab my laptop. If your up you might as well be productive right?

One of the things I do when jet lagged is discover new online shops. This doesn't mean I am buying, mostly window shopping actually, but I like having new options to find new and interesting pieces at. It's also a plus that a few of these shops offer unique items, because who really wants to have exactly what everyone else has?

This shop is entirely made up of vintage and repurposed "interior accents". I could spend hours on this site looking at all of the cool and interesting items. If you want something unique and definitely not something everyone has, this is your shop.

Wanted item:

Set of 5 Vintage Monjonnier Milk Test Bottles
Image via Relique

The Impeccable Pig
I found this through the Penny Pincher Fashion blog and I was hooked immediately. They offer fun prints, easy styles and good pricing. I can't wait to order and check out the quality.

Wanted item:

Black and Cream Dress
Image via the Impeccable Pig

This is just fun stuff. Uncovet is a design centric shop that offers one of a kind products at discounted prices for it's members. Don't worry, membership is free and easy to get. The prices are completely reasonable and the items range from jewelry to art. Gotta love a little bit of this and that.

Wanted item:

Arrow Bracelet
Image via Uncovet

Questhaven Fashions
Need a little pick me up without spending a ton of money? Questhaven may have just what you need. Investment pieces definitely not, but a splash of trend to make your outfit pop absolutely. These kind of sites I tend to stick with accessories or the vintage items, but there are some cute tops that I am tempted to try.

Wanted item:
Brisbane Satchel
Questhaven Fashions

Well I am going to give sleeping another try. Happy Shopping!

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