Monday, September 24, 2012

Sales of the yard and garage type

Oh yes I do. It's been years since I happened upon a garage sale of the interesting kind, but recently I had a friend convince me that I have just been to the lame ones. And yes, my mind has been changed. Between the never been used trampoline and the brand new still in the box, never have been opened, dehydrator (for $3. Yes really.) I am a convert. Either the ones I have been to before really sucked or in southern California truly has the best garage sales ever. Of course there were a few that I didn't find anything, but at those my friend found brand new wood block for her kid ($2) and super pricey lamps at only $10 a piece with the shades.

Then there was the garage sale that we both picked up a few items for free. I walked away with a perfect LL Bean beach bag and two large awesome jars for $0. Apparently he just didn't want to drag it back in. I have my theories why he was not wanting to drag them in. The jars smelled a bit like a substance that could be used for recreation or medicinal usage that I have heard can make you a little carefree and he was happen to have me cart them off for a smile. I don't judge. They were free and super cute, however my kitchen smelled a bit like Jamaica for an hour or so.

I also scored yards of super cute ribbon for $2 (perfect for Christmas presents), but these are my favorites picks of the day!

I can't wait for next weekend. Woo hoo.

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