Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alive in Seattle

I arrived at SeaTac yesterday to fairly warm weather with only a slight bit of rain (which is considered a win for Seattle in January). I had a fantastic afternoon with a good friend and then tried to stay up and hang out with my family for as long as possible. Despite my best efforts I have been up since 2:30am pacific time. You would assume since I have been up for hours that I would have pulled out the Christmas gifts for the family and friends from the suit case, repacked, taken a shower, eaten breakfast and am all ready to tackle the day. You would also be wrong. I have watched 4 episodes of Once Upon a Time, had three (they were small) bagels, some salad, 8 gallons of water and broke my charger thingy for my computer. Jet lag sucks. My goals today are small, but at least they include Mexican food and Target. Hope your day is equally stimulating.

To kick start your morning here is one of my favorite 'Seattle' bands playing one of my favorite songs.

Heart - Barracuda live at the Paramount theatre in 2002 via Heart You Tube channel

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