Friday, January 20, 2012


I was listening to my iPod while driving from my parents house to La Jolla the other day and 'Smile' came on by  Michael Buble . This is a song that was written by Charlie Chaplin (musically, lyrics were added by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons) and is quite beautiful and sad all at the same time. Instantly it made me want to rent the movie Chaplin and see it for the 100th time (someday I will just buy it) and relive Robert Downey Jr. when I first appreciated his genius (although in the midst of his drug struggles although he swears he was sober at the time) and then it made me go to the internet to find Judy Garland singing it. It is my favorite by her, only behind 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. Lastly it made me remember my Auntie Tante hated Judy Garland (I will not divulge what he said she sounded like), however he did concede to this particular song being brilliant (not his exact words, but we are just going to go with it) by her. Read into that sentence what you will, pronouns are correct. So for Friday's favorites I present a song that I dare you not to smile at. Pretty sure Auntie Tante is smiling from wherever he may be, but also probably telling me not to click the other links in YouTube for her other songs.

Happy Friday!! 

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