Friday, January 6, 2012

Making the Mini Donuts

Last night I celebrated a belated Christmas with my Seattle family which included a great dinner and a gift exchange. I received some really lovely gifts, however my favorite item was the mini donut maker. It took everything I had to not mix up a donut recipe and try it out immediately. Self restraint won out and I decided that waiting until morning was the right thing to do. The last few days I have been feeling like I am trying to come down with some sort of sickness, but did that stop the donut shop from opening this morning. Not even a little. I used the basic donut recipe that was included with the maker for my first time out (which surprisingly was super delicious) and because these are baked not fried I figure I can eat twice as many. No? Well at any rate they were quick and easy to prepare and to make a few of them a little different I just melted a few chocolate chips to use as a glaze. While these may not be an everyday thing they can certainly be a way to make the morning a little extra special. Next up is to try some of the other recipes I have seen on the web.

Happy Friday!

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