Monday, January 30, 2012

Mesa or Bust

The good news is my trip from CA to AZ had zero drama. I didn’t get stranded in the desert, saw only one poor little road kill and only went off the route once to check out rocks. Yes you read that correctly. I decided to check out rocks, in the desert, at 2:00pm in the middle of nowhere. I was so determined to see at least one thing on my trip that when I saw the sign for petroglyph rocks I figured it was this or nothing. So I took the exit and a chance that rocks would be cool. Luckily it ended up being a really interesting collection of rocks with beautiful etchings and coupled against the back drop of a beautiful clear blue Southwestern sky, it was worth the detour. The rock site is about 11 miles off the Interstate 8 and the entire 11 miles was completely void of cars. So much so that I stopped in the road and took a picture of the cactus below. Then when I arrived at the parking lot of the rock area it was completely empty as well (although there was a camper in the distance, since it's a camp ground too). If you were me this is the time that you would start thinking that this is the perfect place for ghost to come out of the rock pile and seek his (or her) revenge on whomever should disturb their grave. Since you're not me, you didn't and this definitely did not happen to me. On the bright side of the lack of people I was at least able to get pictures without someone's foot or a hand in the way. As the cherry on top of the trip I ended up stopping in at the Space Age restaurant for a bite before reaching Mesa. All because when you have the option to eat at the Space Age restaurant with a salad bar that’s just what you do.

It takes 75 years for one arm to grow on these! This guy is old.

Painted Rocks. Uber cool.

Painted Rocks in the sun. Also Cool.

To prove I was in this crazy ghost town of a historical site.

I have tasted the salad of the future! I don't think it's worth getting the recipe.

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