Monday, January 23, 2012

The not so Shabby Apple

Over the past few months I have gotten some requests for an update on the Shabby Apple dress that I got back in November. I wanted the first time I wore it to be in the sun (and not cold) so I have been waiting until I got to La Jolla and physically well to try it out. Finally the perfect day came last week so I put it on and took a few pictures. It was different than I expected fabric wise, but lightweight with some stretch to it (follow their ordering advice and order smaller than normal). It fit quiet well, but I added on a wide brown belt (after we took the photo) to add a bit more definition to the waist since stripes are always tricky. It was fun to wear and as a girl that loves dresses it was great. The one thing that I would change about it is add a lining especially with white on the bottom. While no one saw my knickers I think it's a good idea to double up under white so I purchased a slip to go under it!

Bottom line - I totally plan to order a few more items from Shabby Apple, which just so happens to be having a site wide sale. I suggest you get on it!

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