Friday, January 27, 2012

Two things I think you need to know

This week I happened across two things on the Internet that made me ridiculously happy. I know I get excited a little to easily, but I really love both of these things and am so excited to share them.

1. So remember when I wrote about how reading the Hunger Games doesn't necessarily make you stupid (being stupid makes you stupid or thinking that Kim Kardashian is relevant makes you stupid, but I am getting off track)? Well as you may (or may not know) Hunger Games is coming to a theater near you in March. As part of the promotion for the film they have come up with a site called Capital Couture that currently has several Capital style (if you read the books you will understand) features on it including a nail tutorial and a close up of Effie's gold shoes (I super heart them). I believe that they will to continue to update it with more items and I for one am super excited. I wonder if they will try to sell Effie's shoes...

2. Speaking of shoes, OMG. TOMS is finally making shoes that I will wear. No really check these babies out.

They are starting pre-orders February 1st at Nordstrom and I will be getting on that band wagon my friend. TOMS does a One for One, which means for every pair of shoes purchased TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need and I have wanted to buy them strictly for that reason. The problem is that the current type of shoes are just too homely for me (Yes, even the wedges. You can send your hate mail to shannonin30 at gmail dot com). Every time I try to purchase them my brain goes into an inner dialogue with itself and tells me that I am not supposed to look that granola EVER so I have never successfully purchased a pair. Well now I can feel good about purchasing a pair of shoes and looking good in the process. Everybody wins.

As a side note I made it to the grandparents in one piece with a few pics (I will post a few of them next week) and no major drama. Not too bad for a 7 hour trip all by myself.  Yay!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

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