Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Wanderer

After running around the last few days I decided to give the grandparents a break and ventured out on my own in the greater Mesa, AZ area. I had noticed in our previous outings that there was all kinds of metal art by the roads and other unusual things that definitely needed a closer look. Somehow I had forgotten that the southwest is full of roadside stands, forgotten buildings and treasure trove of thrift stores. While I kept my wallet in check (so very hard to do) a gentleman with a hook for an arm tried to convince me to purchase the metal horse below for a steal at $1350 (if you notice it has $1600 on it). I politely declined his generous offer and instead tried to get him to pose with the horse. He declined. After moving on from ‘Hook’ I nearly took out a pedestrian trying to pull into what has got to be one of the last DQ stands in America. Inside and out this, fully open and operational, place is stuck in a time warp and had to be photographed to be believed. I had no idea these still existed, but it was fun to find. After I had completed my exploring I arrived back at the house just in time to catch the spectacular sunset. The colors in the sky were just amazing, vibrant and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Love this pig. She is the mascot of a BBQ joint.
$1600 yeah right.
No tables, but 2 people working.
Pinks, purples and yellows. Pretty.

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