Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Song about rainbows

When I was younger I watched The Muppet Show religiously, unless I got into trouble and couldn't watch TV as a punishment (which let's face it, happened a lot). TV was a privilege in that household and not something we watched all the time so you had to choose wisely. I had Kermit dolls, Ms. Piggy envy and loved Gonzo to a point that when it was taken off the air (I believe it was on PBS at the time) I got pissed. So pissed that with the help of my step dad I called the station to complain. I was 4 and apparently a bit of a bad ass, although I may have only gotten out about half of what I wanted to say before making him finish the conversation. Telling a grown up (that you don't know and have never seen) that life as you know it is shattered because they pulled a frog, pig and whatever Gonzo is off the air is a little scary. I am surprised that they didn't ask me for money or at the very least ask me to be on the next telethon to beg for Kermit back. I am sure that would have raked in lots of dollars for them. Anyway this really doesn't have much to do with anything, but I did come across the photo below on Pinterest which made me think about the great Muppet Show disaster of '81. Perhaps this is where the seed of defiance was planted in my little brain. Food for thought anyway.

That's just how he rolls. Source via Pinterest

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