Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple Pleasures

This week has been filled with good things and a few not so good, but I am so lucky to be spending this time with my grandparents and great Uncle Jean. Yesterday we all needed a little pick me up after a particularly trying day on Wednesday and I wanted to make a little sweet comfort in the kitchen. I started going through the cupboards and came across a package of chocolate chips. Perfect. Sometimes I feel like everything I make needs to be made with at least 24 ingredients, infused with some exotic liquid or sprinkled with salt found off the coast of El Salvador and smoked with orchids. It was nice to simply put together a few ordinary ingredients and fill the house up with the amazing smell of chocolate chips cookies. I used the standard Betty Crocker recipe I know by heart and churned out 4 dozen cookies to fill the cookie jar and then some! Everyone here is telling me I am spoiling them, but I keep trying to convince them that it's nice just to relax and enjoy retirement with them. Even if it is only for one week.

Spoonful by spoonful

Fresh from the oven it's hard to resist

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