Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It's true we finally have found a place and will be residents in the beautiful Orange County, Southern California starting in April. Now comes the fun and the have to be done (so make it fun) shopping for some house necessities. I left a few of the bigger furniture items behind since they were on the older side and I was planning on getting new ones soon anyway. Why drag them 1200 miles down the coast only to get rid of it when you arrive? Makes no sense. We decided that when we found a place we would just purchase them down here. Well we found a place and now I am looking at mattresses. Who knew there were so many to choose from?! AND then the cost varies so wide and vast it doesn't even make sense. Do they shove Louboutin's in there to make it cost $3000? If so please make sure these are in there:

No? Well I will keep on looking then and welcome any suggestions for trying to pick out a mattress that will leave a little left over for a pair of boots...or just get me a place to lay my head. At this point I am ready to pick the one with the sheep on it, just because they are cute. Pretty sure that is not the right way to do it.

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