Thursday, February 9, 2012

Put a heart on it

The other day I was looking through the Internet with the intent of finding some crafty bloggers for some fun house decorating tips (just getting a jump on things), but ended up with food porn. Lots of it. If you look at my Pinterest from that time it's nothing except desserts. Delicious, heart stopping, gooey, sugar filled, butter covered, sinfully decadent treats. While on this food bender I found a stupefyingly easy 2 ingredient strawberry fudge recipe that just begged to be tried. Unlike the original recipe I didn't add the little hearts because the store didn't have any and I didn't feel like going to 8 different stores to get some crappy tasting sugar hearts. I kept it simple and let it go naked. No fancy shapes for me, just pure fudge goodness.  It took a total of 35 minutes (including the 30 minutes in the fridge) and makes for a super quick yummy dessert to share with friends, co-workers and neighbors. Plus I didn't personally add any butter in it so it must be low in calories right? It's pretty darn tasty and so simple everyone will think it took much longer! And if you want you can put a heart on it.

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