Monday, February 6, 2012

They might be Giants or Something

I am not even going to try and pretend that I watched the Super Bowl. I didn't attend a party, didn't turn it on, didn't watch Madonna lip sync and definitely didn't see any touchdowns. It's on purpose and no food will tempt me to be bored out of my mind. The only reason I know who won or anything about the halftime show is due to twitter. Hopefully the people I follow got it right so I don't look like a total idiot with my title and the Madonna information. Anyway, I went shopping instead. If you have never left the house (or the house where the party is at) you are sadly missing out on the best time to get your shop on. The malls, Target and grocery store are void of people and making shopping during the Super Bowel the best time ever. I only wish that I was still in the Phoenix, AZ area so I could go have shopped at the Last Chance Nordstrom store in relative peace. Oh well at least I was able to get these babies on my way out of AZ on Friday (for $ joke).

They can be found here at Nordstrom if you like them, but they are a little more that $69. Next time you are in Phoenix I highly suggest going to Last Chance, but only if you are will to do a little sifting. I gave myself a time limit otherwise I would have had a lot more explaining to do. These are simply a birthday gift to myself...12 days early.

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