Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The OC

Hopefully today is the last day looking at houses. The last one I thought we were going to get turned out to not be the right one so we continued looking. I think the one I am going to see today is the perfect solution for us, but have yet to see it in person. So I am headed out to Newport Beach to see if this place is everything it promised online. If you have never been to Newport Beach it is so pretty and there is way more to it than what you see on TV. Not everyone there has a McMansion (although a lot of them do), fancy cars (ditto) and designer wardrobe (well yeah). There are lots of fun things to do and pretty sights to see, not to mention my favorite mall Fashion Island. So keep your fingers crossed for us and hopefully today will be the day that we secure a house in Southern California. Yay! Hopefully we won't live next to these people. I hear they are DRAMA QUEENS.

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