Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the YA Tip. Again.

I wrote a little bit about why reading young adult books doesn't make you stupid here. Then I just read just this week on the Curvy Girl Guide about other awesome YA reads that I had not had the pleasure of pursing. After reading through her recommendations I immediately ordered (it's on paperback and wicked cheap to buy the actual book instead of downloading) The Forest of Hands and Feet , because duh zombies are involved. Then I downloaded Daughter of Smoke and Bone onto my iPad because I was super jonesing for a good book. I proceeded stayed up all night reading the darn thing because it was so good. I tried to put it down and go to sleep, but I had to know what was going to happen next. I kept thinking just one more chapter and then all of a sudden (3am) I finished it.  Loved it. I am getting down her list pretty quickly. Actually to the point that tonight I am not allowed to start a new book so that I can get a full nights beauty sleep. I must say so far everything I read has been entertaining and captivating as promised. I can't wait for The Forest of Hands and Feet to arrive for my Zombie loving approval. The girl with the dragon whatever? Snore.

It completely unrelated news this is my new friend Ernie. He currently hangs out on a shelf here in Arizona and is one of the ridiculous decorations that came with the house. I kinda love him.

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