Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beauty Junkie

When it comes to beauty products I am like a moth to a flame. I am drawn to them. It like shoes, but worse because there are so many categories to choose from. 

My travel has stepped up a notch with my latest exploits and as a result I have been on a plane at least once a week for the last month. While I have discussed my needs for a nighttime hydrating regime as a result of this, I have found that my daytime routine needs a boost as well to keep up with the dry environments of planes and hotels. Luckily my friends at BirchBox have once again read my mind and two months ago I received Ol├Če 004 Huile Moderne. Right on the bottle it declares that it is the ‘Everyday Everyone Everything skincare Oil’, so of course I tested it’s limits. With three different kinds of oils, including my beloved argan oil, it goes on smooth and penetrates quickly, fully nourishing my deeply dehydrated skin. It even perked up my way too many cocktails and trying to pretend I was 20 again the night before skin. That is a true test of miracle oil if I do say so myself. 

This does not mean I have given up my argan oil though, it just means that I use it on my hair and nails instead of my face each morning. It still is magic!

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