Sunday, May 6, 2012


I would like to think of myself as graceful and that when I enter a room I glide (also I may have been reading the 50 Shades of Grey series and while it is horribly written, it is addictive. The author constantly talks about how graceful the leading man is and how clumsy the girl is. The books have that Manic Pixie Dream Girl vibe to it, except with lots of porn. ANYWAY), however I know this is not the case. I don't know if it's the fact that I have long limbs or that I am occupied with everything else that is going on around me to look where I am going, but it seems that I am destined to fall, trip or smack some part of my body on something on a regular basis. It used to be a regular thing that on my birthday I would somehow always end up falling on the ground. That is easily explained though. A few cocktails, high heels, the sudden urge to run to the next bar instead of walking, not to mention it was usually raining or snowing, and bam I would hit the ground. Yesterday, however, I was not drinking nor wearing high heels and still somehow managed to loose my feet out from under me while going down the wood stairs at the house. I would blame the stair case (in all truthfulness I am surprised it has taken this long for me to fall since they are so steep), but I think my shoes were a little wet and hitting the slick steps I just slipped. And it hurt. It doesn't take much for me to bruise, in fact you poke me too hard and I will get a mark. Needless to say I am the proud owner of several bruises from my calf to my lower back. Plus as a bonus I am getting on a plane today for a trip from Amsterdam to New York. 8.5 hours of sitting in a chair and being uncomfortable. Good times.

Hope your Monday is a little less painful!

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