Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have never really known how to do things the easy way. You show me the smooth road with no bumps or road blocks and I say, "No thank you. I prefer the bumpy, rocky, turbulent road over there." Because either I am crazy or trying to make amends for being a complete idiot in another life. Take your pick.

Back in the fall I went from 180mph crazy busy to about 2mph thinking about life and things. That prompted this post that I wrote around that time, but recently posted because I came across the quote in the photo and it just fit with what I was talking about. Well now I have gone and flipped it again. Things are back in action and the schedule is back up to at least 150mph with no signs of slowing down. What I am hoping is that I can take the lessons that I learned from my not so distant past and apply it in such a way that I achieve balance in all areas of my life. While work (the kind with the paycheck) is important, specifically if you like food and shoes and stuff (which I like all of those things), I have other things in my life that also need my attention. There are the obvious friends and family, but then there are the other things, you know the things you really love to do. For me it is reading, photography, this blog and other writing. In the past and even now I allow other things to take priority over of the things I want to do for me. They get shoved to the side for when I have enough time to do them and sometimes that time does not come soon enough. This time around I am trying to put aside one hour free of distraction to write, read, walk with my camera or just work a little on my blog. For me. For my sanity. For full balance. Everyday. 

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