Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Mothership

I have talked about Nordstrom on this blog more times than I can count. I have posted things you can buy there almost weekly and recommend them to everyone who will listen. I follow them on twitter, Pinterest, Facebook (and lucky me they follow me back) and participate in surveys on a regular basis for them. In short I LOVE Nordstrom. The other night a girlfriend and I were meeting each other for a quick drink. She was feeling a little sick that day so we were going to make it an early night so everyone could get some rest. Fast forward three drinks, dinner and a little too much fun and you end up at the Nordstrom Flagship shoe department with little care about the cost of a good shoe (What? I got three jobs.). I tried on so many super fabulous shoes and then picked a perfect pair of summer shoes by Stuart Weitzman.

Exhibit A - Also soooo comfortable.

As soon as everything was purchased we decided to celebrate the acquisition of our new shoes before heading home.  While sitting in the restaurant I couldn't resist taking my shoes out of the box for a quick admiration glance. That's when I found this:

I am aware that the cost may be ridiculous for some.
We all have our things.
Anyway, if you can't see what is going on, what I was charged
does not match the sale price on my shoe. I actually think
these were marked down early for the half yearly sale that
didn't start, at that time, for a few days.

So I tweeted this picture to Nordstrom and here is the DM conversation that took place:

I modified the size of the tweets so this wasn't a super long picture, but I didn't change anything in the actual tweets.

I think this all speaks for itself and I had no idea that I could love them even more. I walked in the store in Fashion Island and didn't even need to say a word outside of my name. They are amazing!

Thank you Michael, Theresa & Nordstrom. I will always be a shopper for life!

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