Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rainy Day

Yesterday was a rain day here in South Holland complete with thunder and a little lightning which I decided to use as an excellent excuse to get a little crafty indoors. Since I am in Europe I don't have all my trusty craft items that I have in the US so I needed to find something simple that didn't require much more than old t-shirts and possibly some glue. After hitting Pinterest for a whole three minutes I found a super easy jersey knit bracelet tutorial here that completely fit my criteria. I had seen a similar bracelet on a style blogger site a while back (unfortunately can't remember where) and had been meaning to try and figure it out, but this tutorial is even better. There are a few changes/adds that I did that differ from the the original post. In the tutorial she uses jersey knit strips from the store I opted to up cycle a cotton jersey tank (the green one) that had a few holes in it and loved the results. The second shirt I used was a ribbed cotton tank (brown one) and while I was piecing the strips together I wondered how it would turn out because it's such a different material. I actually ended up liking it even better than the first one, so much so that I made two of them! The ribbing added a great texture to the bracelet that gives it an earthy, bohemian feel that I am totally digging. I also used less total length of the strips than in the tutorial, but I have freakishly small wrists so maybe that is just me! The other thing I did is that once I finished with the bracelet I noticed there were a few ends sticking out from where the strips were pieced together. To give it a slightly cleaner look I ended up tucking and stitching a few of the strip ends back into the bracelet, but other than that the bracelets came out great. I think this would be an excellent project with kids not only because it's easy, but if you have an old t-shirt hanging around the project costs nothing. Hard to beat that!

Shirt, ruler, scissors. That's it. 
I cut the shirt across starting from the bottom in
strips, snipped off the seam and then pieced the strips together as she describes in the tutorial.

Finished product using two finger weave.

Finished product with ribbed shirt using the three finger weave.

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