Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Bet these would make a great bouquet
When I was 4 or 5 my mom decided that we were going to make a May day bouquet for our neighbor, while I don't remember the neighbor's name I remember the yappy dog she had was named Skipper (Skipper was a jerk if I recall correctly). So off down the alley I went in search of some flowers to compliment the lilacs that we had gathered from our yard. I have no idea if I actually got anything better than dandelions, but I do remember being pretty proud of the finished product. We wrapped the flowers in a construction paper cone and added a handle to the top for hanging. I then went to her door, hung the flowers on the door knob, rang the door bell and ran. I hid behind the fence with my mom and waited for her to come to the door to see her surprise. She was so excited to receive some unexpected flowers (I mean really who would be unhappy) and I was deliriously happy that we did it, but I am pretty sure Skipper was still a jerk. Today is a great day to do a little something unexpected, so perhaps a small bit of flowers picked from your garden and left on a co-workers desk is just what you need to kick off the month of May. Just don't pick from someone else's garden. That will get you in trouble and I refuse to be a part of you get yelled at by a little old lady.

Happy May Day!


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