Sunday, May 1, 2011

Champagne taste on a beer budget

I love samples! Maybe not food samples so much, like at Costco. The whole body checking someone to get to the free quarter size sweet and sour sample before they run out is just a little to crazy for me. Although the free cheese samples at Whole Foods always convince me to spend $10 on a sliver of cheese that while it is fabulous, lasts about 5 seconds once I get home. With that said I think there is something to samples, which brings us back to me loving samples and I am talking about beauty samples. You know the ones that you get at the department store or at Sephora with your purchase or if you are having a particularly slow income month you slowly go up to each counter and start playing around with items, until the sales girl or boy notices you so you can get your chat on with them to get samples in your pocket. Then can't wait to get home to try them out. Whether they work or not, trying them out is the best part! Those are the kind of samples I love.

Beauty products for women are constantly flowing in and out of popularity. There seems to be a new and better product every time you just get settled in with the last product that changed your 'life'. So how do you wade through all the product? Why with some help of course! There is a genius idea of a company that has found a way to not only help us with finding great products, but also a way for companies to track how the samples turn in to sales. While you may not care about the latter the deluxe size samples from this innovative company, BirchBox, are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. With BirchBox each month I get a selection of products ranging from make-up to nail polish to facial masks and cleanser and even once tea (which was super good by the way). It's like receiving a little gift each month and I swear my box always shows up on days when I could super use a little pick me up. The cost is $10 a month and it includes shipping, so it really couldn't be easier. Just think this could keep us from hitting overload on how many different facial primers from different companies we can collect. Seriously is that the go to sample? How messed up are our faces without primer? I won't know until somewhere around 2024 based on the current number of samples in my drawer. Anyway, BirchBox does try to cater to your needs, based on the questions they ask you on sign up so if you aren't into a certain type of products I believe you can indicate as such. Seriously give it a go. For $10 you could get a sliver of cheese or some awesome samples, I think I will continue with BirchBox and skip the cheese section this month.

**I just want to be super clear on everything. I started this blog recently to share with people things I find interesting, fun, useful, needful or just plain awesome. No company or product has been given to me nor am I being compensated in anyway. This is my opinion on things I personally like. If I don't like it, I don't talk about it. So there. Questions? Ask 'em!


  1. I'm signing up for Birchbox!! Fun stuff! AND - I think I'll try the oil you mentioned in the last post. Thanks!! Fun fun fun!

    Your So Cal Sister - Wendy! :)

  2. Looks great Shan! We all know that you are the consumer queen so it's only fitting that you would want to share the things you love with the rest of us. I may sign up for Birchbox too!


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