Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wen, Lose or Draw

Hair care is very near and dear to me. I was not blessed with a dancers body (and to be perfectly honest I haven't exactly worked towards one either), but I did get a pretty decent head of hair in the gene lotto. The only issue is if I don't do the exact right thing to my hair I pretty much have limp, oily, dirty looking hair for the day. Everything from what I wash it with to what products I put on after the shower have a major effect on how it's going to behave. I have tried every shampoo, every shine serum, every hairspray known to man and while I may not have found the golden ticket, I have at least managed to find more good hair days than bad. Full disclosure I have long, semi thick, wavy brown hair. I would love to say it looks like the Duchess of Cambridge's hair, it's not that good, but close and getting closer every day.

I have already admitted that I watch QVC and now I must admit that I get up early on Sunday mornings and watch something worse. I can't help it, no matter how hard I try to sleep in it just doesn't happen and once I am up I need some back ground noise. So other than cartoons, can you guess what comes on at 6:30 am on Sunday? That's right infomercials. I have seen all and wanted most of it. Everything from the egg wave (had it), Windsor Pilates (have it), to pajama jeans (want it. Please pajama jeans make long lengths!!) and finally to the fabulous Wen hair care. If you have seen the infomercial you may have had your interest peaked. I mean when you have Jennie Garth, Finola Hughes and Alyssa Milano telling you that their hair has been drastically changed by a product you have to at least take a second look. So after about 6 months of seeing this on TV and reading reviews and information on it, I broke down and purchased a starter set. The starter set comes with cleansing conditioner, styling creme, and intensive hair repair mask, texture balm and a shower comb.

First impression was that the cleansing conditioner was in no way, shape or form going to clean my hair. It seemed way to much like conditioner and not enough cleanser. Wrong. My hair was super cleaned. OK, but I am used to using two different products in the shower, so my hair won't be soft. Also wrong. My hair was fabulously soft after the first use. OK, well there is no way that it will help reduce the frizz to my hair. All right so this one took three days before I truly noticed a difference, but it did work. So in short I love the cleansing conditioner. Only thing is that I do need to wash my hair everyday, but it looks and feels fabulous so not a problem in my book. Over the last few months of using the Wen cleansing conditioner the texture of my hair has changed to a non frizz, less course and super shiny mane. My scalp is not dry, but does become a little oily if I don't wash it everyday. My ends are healthy, my scalp not itchy and overall I would be sad if my cleansing conditioner was taken away. The pros of every day hair health far out number the cons of washing everyday. So give it a whirl, they do have a money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?

As for the other items they didn't really work out for me, but my boss loves the texture balm (she always gets compliments on her hair when she uses it) and my mom really like the styling creme. I have a favorite texturizer (Lanza Powder Up) and a super awesome styling spray by Blow (which I found via BirchBox) so I am pretty set and wasn't looking for a replacement. I did find that you can actually purchase the cleansing conditioner on an individual basis on QVC (instead of the every 90 days they sign you up for at the WEN site). So you can give it a go without the worry of having to cancel the next shipment if it doesn't work for you. 

I think maybe I should stop with the QVC pimping or my friends are going to stop talking to me. You can't hide the truth though QVC has come in handy AND if there are no good infomercials on you should totally watch Isaac Mizrahi on QVC, he is hilarious. When I saw him on it he went from talking about a tote he was trying to sell, to picturing himself in Central Park with a coffee and then we were off to Paris in his head. Oh a day with him would be so much fun! Shiny objects are my favorite and I believe he is the shiniest of the shiny.

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