Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Summer is right around the corner. Really I swear it is! See if you live in Seattle like myself you truly would not believe a word of this. Every time we get a great and glorious Pacific Northwest day, the next day it is cold, gray and raining. The good news is that even if the sun doesn't shine we can always hop a plane to somewhere nice and sunny and most importantly WARM!

Regardless of where you get your summer we all have the same issue of hair removal and while some of you do this year round, some are more selective. We don't judge and completely understand. However you do it we all appreciate you doing it and realize the pain, suffering and expense that goes with it. If you are just a brow and bikini girl or if you are shoulder to toe kind of girl (or boy) I am sure you have heard about every type of hair removal; Wax, threading, laser, prayer, even just a little bleach to hide it. I have tried it all and can honestly say that I have truly found my end all be all solution. Today we are going to talk about sugaring. Yup sugar and seriously that is exactly what it is. I used to get my brows waxed every three to four weeks and for years I never had any issues other than 24 hours of pink on my forehead,not ideal, but no biggie. Then IT happened. I opted for a bikini wax at a very good waxing spa since i was going on vacation and I thought it would be so much more convenient to not worry about these things and just have a good time. Let's just say that I believe that I left a huge chunk of my skin there as well as hair. Not cute and/or sexy. Beyond super painful, it was damn near a doctor visit afterwards and trust me it was the end of waxing days. Isn't the point of a bikini wax, to be super sexy in your bikini? I was not super sexy with my wax.

So what's a girl who couldn't tweeze her way out of a wet paper bag to do? Well let's just say the Internet is my friend and while I had heard of sugaring I had no idea what it was. My dear friend, Internet, not only told me about the process and reviews it also told me about locations near me, which lead me to the girls at Sugar Sugar, located here in Seattle. I was so lucky because I found Michelle there, who was a good listener and understood that I was going to work my way up to the bikini and need my brows tested for months before heading south. Let's just say since my first visit I vowed to never put wax on my body again and so far I have not. I have shared my sugar experiences with my friends and co-workers (who are all rolling their eyes right now), but it seriously was a total body care changer for me. I would rather wait an extra week for a sugar appointment than go wax. I do not kid my friends, not when it comes to hair removal. The pros of sugaring are vast and numerous, but here are some highlights; less pain (I swear it is so and I don't mean there is zero pain, but it sucks a little less than other methods), due to the nature of sugar you can grab smaller hairs so less grow out is needed, the pinkness lasts about 1 hour and not all day, organic, less wasteful (no papers, sticks and such like with wax) and seriously do you need more? Call your local sugaring place and give it a try. Worst case scenario you can leave me a nasty comment. Best case scenario you can send me a bottle of wine.

If you happen to live in Seattle I do highly recommend Sugar Sugar in Green Lake. I love all the ladies there. They do super work and I know you would be in good hands. Also, you need to check out their organic products and items in the store. FABULOUS. I will be posting about that in the super near future!

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  1. Cross my heart and hope to die, when it comes to hair removal, this is no lie. Sugaring is the end all be all best way to remove hair from those places seen or to be seen only by a significant other! As it becomes more popular, new salons are popping up that offer sugaring. You may even catch a deal on Living Social or other coupon sites. It just makes sugaring all that much sweeter (pun totally intended). :) Laura


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