Friday, May 13, 2011

No scrubs

Twice a week I exfoliate followed by an enzyme peel and then a moisturizing mask like clockwork. That is unless I have other plans that get in the way of such things. Then I see the bad things that happen to my skin. Like right now. As in today. Totally sucks. I have sensitive dry skin that hates the changing of the seasons and right now my skin is in full freak out mode. This particular 'at home facial' mixture of products works really well for my skin, but I have learned through trial and error that the exfoliate process is one of the most important things especially if I forget to do my routine and only have a few minutes. My secret product allows me to skip the other steps at least once a week if I absolutely have to miss the full experience. After years of trying different types I found my Holy Grail of facial exfoliates, Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant.

Seriously this is one of those OMG moments the very first time I tried. I happened to come across this product as a recommendation from one of the Sugar Sugar goddesses, Tobi. She said and I quote, "Your skin will feel like butter" and I swear on my wine glass that it did! It's a light exfoliate that gently (and I truly mean gentle, my boss has the most sensitive skin known to man and can use this stuff) removes the layer of yuck on your skin and leaves nothing but soft, pretty looking skin. It also uses a super small amount so the cute milk container looking jar lasts forever! I swear I should be running out by now, but it still keeps coming. Besides all of the rest of this wonderful things it does this is a truly organic product. So you can feel confidant about what you are putting on your skin won't have crazy effects on you or the environment! Oh and did I mention that is smells AWESOME? Well it does.

The entire Eminence line is pretty darn amazing. OK so I can't say I have tried every single thing, but I have tried a lot of their stuff and I have not come across anything that hasn't been lovely on my skin and my dog likes the blueberry masks a lot. He seems to think my face mask is a snack, while it isn't he can actually eat it as there is nothing to hurt him or me included in the ingredients. We call this winning and not in a creepy Charlie Sheen way.

You can get Eminence products in more places now online then ever before and if you live in Seattle I know Sugar Sugar carries the vast majority of the line. Keep in mind all of the products contain no water so you use less and the product lasts much longer so in the long run it is very affordable!

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