Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday favorites!

I have just joined Pintrest and I love it! It's so much fun to post pictures of cool and interesting things you find on the web and then share them with friends and strangers. It's like twitter, but with pictures and less about you and more about the picture. I find it neat to see what other people are into and I have come across a few awesome craft ideas (I plan on posting a few of my tries at being crafty soon). It really is fun to have a place to keep all of the amazing things you find on the web and see what others have pinned that you may have missed! This week I noticed that I pinned a ton of shoes. I love shoes so much that when I bought my condo the first thing I did was purchase a closet system and most importantly a shoe wall. Yes, a wall for my shoes. Sad fact is the wall is too small for all my shoes. I am sure I could find room if a new pair magically appeared, but alas I always find awesome things when I am trying not to spend money. No new shoes for me. Getting back to the point, currently Pintrest is invite only so shoot me an email or catch me on twitter if you want an invite.

So all this pinning got me to thinking about starting a little portion of this site dedicated to the things I love, may or may not have, and most definitely want. It could be anything from kitchen items, books, recipes and clothes to unique and pretty things I just happen to find along the way and want to share. I hope you enjoy the things that caught my eye this week and don't forget to drop me a line if you want to join Pintrest!

Have a great memorial weekend everyone!

Seriously am I the only one that thinks this is GENIUS!?
via Southern Living

This looks like an awesome idea for a summer night.
Creative idea via Weddings Fresh

I actually see this brighten up a black suit or add glamour to the LBD.
Exclusive to Nordstrom!

I need to wear this dress and it can be tailor made!
Made by Dig For Victory
I love this color! Perfect for Summer and into Fall
DvF Zia at Nordstrom
This is obviously just an amazing idea.
Etsy is the best!
Cheers and have a happy and safe long weekend!
photo via The Knot

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  1. I love the lights in the mason jars! It reminds me of the fireflies you'd see at night in Memphis. Great ideas!


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