Friday, May 20, 2011

Stay. just a little bit longer

So finally the trip that led to the first post is happening and my first experience at the Stay. hotel in New York City. I have had the great opportunity to stay at some of the fancy and lovely hotels in New York and some of the not so great. You can always tell who was paying by where I was staying! So I have seen the highs and lows of the NYC bed scene and was excited to try the Stay. hotel. It looked hip and modern by way of the web site and the reviews were pretty good overall with the only caveat being the rooms were small. As I have traveled in Europe on the cheap I can tell you I have seen small rooms, so I was ready to be surprised at how much bigger they really are or shocked at how small they were for two people.

The hotel when you walk through the door appears small, but once you pass the fish tank in the front you realize that it is a modern boutique hotel with white furniture, floors, and stainless steel finishes. There is a bar and a dining area on the opposite side of check in and in the back. The elevators, hallways are not for the claustrophobic, but then I also think that New York as a whole is not. When I booked a room on the website I chose a king bed room and sent in a request for a room with a closet since I had read on one review that not all rooms include a closet. So I figured it can't hurt to request and sure enough we got a closet! This is not to say that the room had space for a meeting, but I could comfortably walk around the bed without tripping over anything. The bathroom was not very wide, but long and I felt was more than adequate for what we needed. So score for the hotel! While I wouldn't host a party in the room I had no problem with hanging out, watching TV and resting in the room.

The staff is friendly in the New Yorkers way and overall my experience was great. If you are looking to stay in Midtown it's a great location. If you have been to New York a million times it may be a little close to Times Square, but if you like me needed to be in the area, it's far enough off 7th that you can walk out the hotel without getting run over by a million tourists. Overall this is was a great little hotel that had real windows for fresh air, green bath products, and environmentally friendly initiatives. Not too bad for the price either! Worth trying out the next time you happen to be visiting NYC.

Also I finally saw Jersey Boys. Loved it!!!

Green products from the Stay. hotel. Love the soap, they don't make it a full soap to cut down on waste!!

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