Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magic from Morocco

I actually was going to wait another week to post about this magical oil from Morocco, but I just can't wait to spread the word about this stuff.    

I am sure some of you may already know about this, but maybe you haven't tried it or you haven't heard a word about, because unlike me you have never been stuck at home on a Friday night with nothing but QVC to watch. Don't judge, Joan Rivers is a genius. ANYWAY. This all started when I was watching QVC as mentioned above (I swear this was a one time thing. I also learned about Diamonique that evening, but that is a post for another day) and there was a segment for Josie Maran argan oil and I think it included some sort of blush stick as a bonus. I must admit that I was intrigued, but couldn't focus on the product. Between Joan Rivers making jokes about the people that were milling around the fake garden studio set and Josie Maran constantly applying the oil and the stick to her face, skin, hair, lips to the point that was a little insane I was a little distracted. However this stuck in my brain.       

So while perusing the interwebs the other day and deciding that I need to buy a clarisonic and if I spent $50 more dollars I could get free shipping, I remembered the argan oil. So in my cart, checked out and through the mail it went. As soon as I received it I cleaned my face and put it on and true to Josie's word it was fast absorbing, moisturizing and non-greasy. IT DID WHAT IT SAID! Amazing. Throughout the week I have been using this day and night and I am not kidding that I saw a difference immediately and see even more of a difference every day. My skin is balanced, my rosacea lessened, my complextion glowing, but not like a grease pit and you only use a few drops so it lasts! Love, Love, Love.

There are a several ways to order the oil (Sephora, Nordstrom, QVC, etc.) and I used the Josie Maran version, but since it's pure oil I am sure you could use any source. Another great thing about this oil is that it also helps women of the rural region of Morocco where the Argan trees grow.  All argan sold today is produced by a women's cooperative that provides a fair work environment and wages to women of the region. You can find more information about this by going to                      

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  1. Okay - I have to share! While I have not yet purchased the oil I will tell you that once the word is in your head you start to see it in the stores. I was in Safeway (!) and in the hair care product aisle I found a shampoo and conditioner with, yep, Argan oil in it. The company is Organix and as it was a new product for them it was on sale. Win-win!! So a big thank you for the post. I normally wouldn't have given it a second thought in the store just figuring that it was one more in a long line of marketing tools to get my attention. The product so far seems to be wonderful but I do think that I will need to use it for a bit longer before I can truly determine how much softer my hair is. I will be getting the Argan oil from Sephora as soon as possible.


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