Monday, June 4, 2012


Remember this? Yeah well I spent one day trying to make that happen and then it was tossed to the side. I already have fallen behind in about every category except work (the one that pays the majority of the bills). That doesn't quite equal balance in any sense of the word. Seriously I am baffled by my inability to get an hour a day to dedicate to me, myself and I. Perhaps I put too much pressure on myself to get this all solved immediately. How do you all juggle your life? Fake it till you make it?? Seriously I need to know! Currently the only place I can get writing done is in the plane, which on one hand is convenient since I am constantly on one, but there has got to be a better way or am I just being ridiculously optimistic? Hmm their seems to be a lot more questions than answers in this post.

In other news June seems to be the month of gift giving. I have birthday's (5), graduations (2) and father's day's (Technically only one day, but 3 people) this month and can't seem figure out what to give half of them. So I turned to the Internet for inspiration and that's when I discovered this:

Etsy MixTape Night Light

Someone has to have this, just can't figure out who yet. I found this via the SkinnyScoop Father's Day Gift Guide. There are a few creative ideas on there you should check out if you are stumped what to give the dad in your life.

Then I came across this on the Great Gifts for the High School Grad list:

Barnes and Noble
I want one too!! How neat is that? With any luck I will get my gift list checked off super quick!

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