Thursday, June 21, 2012


As someone who travels a lot I get asked all the time about my favorite travel items. I finally decided to commit them to a list and share them with everyone via Skinny Scoop (which happens to be one of my new favorite things). All of these are must haves on any flight over 5 hours for me and most go for any trip regardless of where I am going. They are for comfort, style and health, but if I could only choose one that would go with me it's hands down the cashmere travel wrap. It is the most versatile item I have in my arsenal because it is a layer than can be removed, it can double as a blanket and it's stylish. Not to mention that it's cashmere people. Lovely, soft, warm & luxurious cashmere (however they also have a cotton one as well for the budget conscious, but if you can splurge DO IT!). This is an interactive list so if you have any suggestions please add to it. I would love to know what you have as your go to travel item.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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