Thursday, June 14, 2012


While on my walk today in Monte Carlo I witnessed chic in every sense of the word from the ladies walking along the street, lunching at café's and of course smoking their French cigarettes and drinking rosé. Not everyone I saw possessed this, but there were so many that did that I almost felt a little out of place. Almost, I did have my new shoes on so at least my shoes were chic. After my walk I grabbed a coffee at a harbor side café and watched the yachts come and go in the harbor. There was one so big I thought it was a mini cruise ship. Silly me, I should know better. This place makes Newport Beach look like the slums. Now if only I had the 6.5 million for that one bedroom apartment I saw for sale on my walk I could stay here. Hmmm...I think I best stick to my 8 euro coffee and call that my splurge.

Bring your comfy shoes, everything is up!

View up the hill from the hotel

Garden in the middle of the city

Not a mini cruise ship

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