Tuesday, June 19, 2012

French Riviera - It's a Wrap

My boyfriend is not a photographer. I hand him the camera to get a few shots of me so that I can prove that I was in Monaco and the French Riviera and the photos usually come out with my eyes closed, my mouth open or some other equally awkward pose. After about three minutes of trying to get the shot I give up and go with what we got. To save myself embarrassment I won't show you the worst of them, but this is a typical photo.

Say cheese and wine.

Here is one, slightly out of focus, but good enough. The reason for this photo is because I want to be friends with the guy who owns the sleek boat in the back so we can cruise the Riviera like the good people in the next photo.

Boat in the background. 
This should be me.

After Monaco both Nice and Cannes felt more like the real world considering Maserati's and Lamborghini's were only every other car and not every single vehicle you saw. Cocktails were a little more reasonably priced as well, which for me was way more important. How else can you lounge by the pool and stare at the sugar daddy/sugar baby circus than with some sort of fruity fizzy drink?

Fruity drink (17 Euro in Monte Carlo vs. 10 Euro in Nice)

Not his daughter

This trip was definitely more about relaxation and less about running around and seeing the sites, which was so nice for a change. We sat by the pool, jet skied with jelly fish everywhere (pretty, but kinda freaky) and generally enjoyed the warm weather, people watching and wonderful rosé. I didn't have any kind of jet lag this time around and think that I should always start my trips to Europe in Monaco or the South of France just to avoid such issues, but the boyfriend won't sign off on that...yet.

Sunset over Cannes

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