Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Typical Dutch

One thing I have picked up on here in Holland is that to talk with a Dutch person you will get the impression that the Dutch invented most everything. If they didn't invent they improved it. While it may not be 100% true they have mastered many things and there is no denying that, however they did it wearing clogs. In simpler terms they have not mastered or minored woman's fashion. There are many talented Dutch designers, but they tend to have incredible men's collections and the women's tend to be less so. Which is so sad because I really wanted to experience Dutch fashion, but there is still hope for the future. In the meantime you should check out these "typical Dutch" (a phrase I hear often) items as they are all fantastic and most can be ordered in the US.

Stroop waffles are about the most amazing thing on
the sweet side of food that they have to offer here. They are delicious.
I suggest ordering them. You will not be disappointed.
Image via Amazon

This is a truly lovely scent by designers Viktor&Rolf.
I can't wait to have the BF try the men's cologne SpiceBomb.
Image via Sephora

Oh the cheese! I love the cheese here and always have requests
for me to bring some back. Tasty stuff.
Image via iGourmet

I love this brand for bath and body. They have so many
scents and variety to choose from. It's a bit addictive!
Image via Rituals

While that is not all the country has to offer these are some of my personal favorites. Any Dutch favorites you think should be included?


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