Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Greener Grass

I get so many comments about how lucky I am to be living in two counties, traveling all over and generally living a lifestyle I assume people think is out of a novel. Why it is true I am lucky and thankful to have these experiences, I sometimes wish it was not so complicated and I can guarantee no one would write a novel about it! There are all sorts of things that we we see in other peoples lives which we envy or wish we had. Who hasn't thought about being a movie/rock star and having money, fame and designers at our beck and call? We just ignore the fact that they work endlessly, have no privacy and have to stay crazy skinny (goodbye cake pops and cheeseburgers). Are the trade offs worth it? I wish it was that simple.

My life consists of not always knowing where and for how long we will be somewhere, which is at the mercy of several factors and people, all of which are out of my control. My BFF's all live in zero of the cities I am currently residing in and when in Europe it's hard to just pick up the phone (or Skype) and call whenever because of the time difference. Getting a job is difficult considering you have time zone and placement issues...blah, blah, blah (I totally sound like a whiner, which is not the intent). While I am not saying I want to go back to my life before the crazy, I wish I could have people understand that this is not all as glamorous as it appears to be. Sometimes the grass just appears to look so much greener on the other side. Believe me because I still have my receipts for the spray paint.


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