Monday, March 12, 2012

Zack the Snow Leopard

I returned from Sweden last week, which for the record is a country full of very interesting people. I felt that my lack of glasses, tattoos and fur made me stand out a little. So in an attempt to fit in I picked up these fake fur snow leopard ear muffs:

Sadly they are actually larger than they appear.

The English man we were traveling with had a look of horror when I put them on and asked if I had skinned a stuffed animal to make them. The answer is no, but at least he gave me an idea of what to do in the future when it's below zero Celsius and I am walking all over Stockholm and not wanting to wear a hat. I decided that I would name the snow leopard ear muffs Zach and carry on regardless of how ridiculous they were. I am pretty certain this did not make me fit in considering the odd looks I got from everyone on the street. Good thing that sort of things doesn't bother me, but curious how wearing ridiculous things on my head makes me feel better. In the end Stockholm was fantastic, the food was good, it didn't rain/snow and the hotel was excellent. We stayed at the Lydmar Hotel which is a perfect location for tourists (across the water from the Royal Palace) and I highly recommend it should you be in the area. Although I suggest going in the summer to avoid wind burn or stuffed animal ear muffs named Zack.

That is ice in a big body of water. It was COLD!

The pretty streets of the old city
The Royal Palace
Shiny helmets

Just a lovely flower shop to offer some color on the streets

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