Monday, March 5, 2012

Crown Jewels

This weekend was a whirlwind of kids, kid parties and ended with packing Sunday right before I left the house for the airport to catch a flight to London. Unfortunately my stay in London is not long enough to see all the people and do everything I would like, but I will make sure to get a few fun things in. After two days in London I am heading out to Stockholm and then returning to the Netherlands on Friday. One of my goals this week is to play with my new camera lens that I got for my birthday and see what it really can do. Both London and Stockholm definitely have lots of great sites and hopefully some will be interesting enough to share. So far the only downside of the trip is the fact that the temperature will peak at about 34 in Stockholm while I am there. I am definitely not in California any more! Well I am off to see the crown jewels because no matter how many times you see them you must see them again and again and again. I love sparkles.

Room with a view. Only I would pick a hotel with it's own crack
den next door. Don't worry they are totally nice. Actually we are in a
very lovely Bengali area in the east end with seriously the best curries around.
The burnt out old factory is just for ambiance and we are totally safe DAD! Promise.
See you just have to look up and not down. Good advice all around.

P.S. The Zombies, Run! app is now available for iPhone (Android to follow) and I can't wait to get my run on in London towne ala 28 Days Later.

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