Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It All Started With A Pin

If you are not on Pinterest yet I suggest you run from it. It is a time suck, actually it's worse because it is the black hole of time sucks. I just spent 2 hours chasing down a Jadeite reproduction cake stand that started from a pin on Pinterest that actually had nothing to do with cake stands (don't ask). The two hours was not exactly related to Pinterest, but more because I read up on Jadeite to make sure I knew what I was purchasing. Basically it comes down to I don't trust people who sell "vintage" wares on eBay. I sell and spend time on eBay so I know that you have to be extremely careful when purchasing items. If one more person writes rare or vintage when something is completely available and not even close to being over two years old, I just might lose it (which a lot of people did on eBay for this product in particular). Not everyone on eBay is a truth stretcher, but without seeing the product in person how do you know? ANYWAY the product in question is this:
Awesome, right? Totally love it to pieces.
Image via bellacor
Well you can find this 12-inch reproduction anywhere from $54.95 to over $100 (the picture link will lead you to bellacor, which is where you can find it for $54.95 and a code to take another 10% off. That's $49.46 for those of us without super math skills). The average seems to be about $70 not including shipping from other retailers. You can always try eBay, but that depends on how the auction goes and then the shipping would be added to that. It seemed way easier to get this from bellacor and know exactly what I was getting, plus free shipping if you spend over $70. For a real version of this I would most definitely spend more on it, but I have enough vintage stuff (as seen here and that is only the tip of iceberg). Frankly I just want a funky piece to use in the kitchen so a reproduction is fine by me. I just wish it hadn't taken two hours of my life, because then I started thinking do I really need a cake stand? I have two (or three) actual vintage cake plates they just aren't on stands. Oh crap I can't let two hours go to waste. I am going to buy it. I am pretty sure I totally need a drink now.


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