Wednesday, March 7, 2012


London in one day is tricky, but I managed to make it happen with lots of walking and not getting lost on the tube. Not even once. I don't even know who I am anymore. My first stop was of course the Tower of London to visit the jewels and generally check out every single inch that I could of the entire place. I then ended up walking next to the river Thames and happened upon St. Paul's Cathedral which was lovely and totally not originally in the plans, but super glad I saw it. After that I took the tube to see Buckingham Palace. I have a thing for the Queen, so there was no way I was not going to at least walk by. So I did and it was not nearly as magical as I had in my head, but I will still do it every time I go to London. The weather started out a beautiful blue day with a little clouds and no rain perfect for exploring the city. Eventually it did turn a little blustery as the day wore on, but never one to be deterred from seeing the Queens residence I pushed on. I managed to see everything I wanted to AND stop in to browse a few shops. I also ate kidney pie. We will never talk about that again.

Good to know

Blue door next to the tower green
This was just neat

This is the spot that they believed most of the private beheadings were held on the Tower Green.
This is an art installation to commemorate the dead, which is weird considering this was where
traitors to the crown (of high ranking or royal connections) were killed. Those crazy Brits.
Raven not included.

This looks like a movie set!
No one seemed to be home.

Dude doing his thing.

Next time I hit the Island I promise to bug lots of people, but only after the Olympics have passed. 

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