Monday, December 5, 2011

Jet Lagggggged & Whoopie Pies

So I have learned a valuable lesson in flying. I am just not able to fly to Europe and then go right into life without a wee little break in-between (like say a whole day to sleep and get acclimated). I landed on Friday and then we immediately started the weekend with kids, Sinterklaas and family. Usually no big deal, but let's just say this resulted with me on Sunday not being able to get out of bed or function in any useful way. Lesson learned and noted.

In other news I made these fantastic little pumpkin whoopie pies, from One Ordinary Day for Thanksgiving and failed to take any pictures of the final product. I was in the process of packing so it's a miracle they even were done, but oh my they were worth it! My friend Sabrina told me she doesn't really like pumpkin deserts, but I asked her to just take a bite and then she declared them delicious and wanted the recipe. My brother had an untold amount of them (he's 19 and a huge pumpkin pie fan so it wasn't a big shocker, but still it's good to know they don't suck) and my sister and mom were telling me how yummy they were too. So if you want something a little more unique to bring to holiday parties or dinners these are fun, portable and easy to do. They are even a great thing for kids to be a part of (especially the filling part. Messy, but totally fun).

I also really, really want to try this Creme Brûlée French Toast from smitten kitchen (not to mention about 800 other items). I found this on Pinterest which you all should get on if you haven't yet.

And in shameless family promotion, my mother is starting a a new business making baby shoes. Baby shoes you say, yes baby shoes. She is working on an Etsy site and I will of course pimp the heck out of it when it's up (not just because she is my mother, but these are amazing shoes and she is my mother), but in the meantime here is just a small sampling of what she offers. If you are interested in getting any shoes prior to the shop opening (ETA is still TBD) please feel free to email me and I will hook you up with her. She has been selling these like hotcakes so I am pretty sure it's not just me that thinks these are pretty cute and fantastic baby gifts!

Are they not super adorable?

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